Thursday, 9 February 2012

India 2012: H2O - Whats Essential?

Is there a better way
 to welcome in this chapter of my life than with reviewing the basis of life & what does that mean..
lets see~

Living in the western world,
 I have grown accustomed to many things, though most notably fresh organic produce, clean streets with reliable waste disposal & wild fresh mountain spring water - these are among some of my favorite things! 
Just to mention a few.. Lets return & start with the basics …


(n) an odorless, tasteless liquid composed mainly of hydrogen & oxygen that forms rivers, lakes & oceans, and is a major constituent of all living matter.

 For close to a decade, I have journeyed to the Rocky Mountains (just west of my hometown Calgary, Canada) to harvest fresh spring-water. I began doing so with my father when I was young & it has expanded my awareness. It is now so much more than simply an aspect of how I nurture my body with the cleanest available water. It has turned into a ceremony & my relationship with water, is a window for me into the greater cycle of life that we are all a part of. 
I love my water so much & I hope you do too!

 Now as I backpack throughout India,
the luxurious taste of wild water (which I have harvested) filtering throughout my oral cavity, 
is but a distant memory. 
I am beginning to recognize this sensation with a deeper sense of gratitude. 
For now I shall journey, equipped with my best intentions in my back-pocket, infusing every bottle 
I come across with them & knowing that this too is a ceremony. 
That each bottle is sacred unto itself including this one!

Transitioning to bottled water with consciousness
is a part of this process,
releasing from the old
embodying anew...

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