Friday, 10 February 2012

A Beginning: Goa

30 some-odd hours of traveling, 
dodging numerous questionable airline meals,
& many hours of journeying between
sleeping/waking states..

This is
our First sunrise in India,
 this photo was taken on our
way northward to Anjuna, Goa.

A magical land
 of intentional community, beautiful beaches & incredible opportunity for embodiment activations.
Goa, the origins of what is known as 'Goa Trance', 
a galloping & relentless form of electronic trance music which has inspired
a generation of techno, psychedelic trance & dubstep.
This land harbors some of the best dancefloors I have seen in india thus far.
With consistent full moon parties, yoga retreats, contact dance & performance arts festivals
this place is a melting pot of inspiration.
International Jedis, fire spinners, yogis, performance artists & empowered individuals 
from all walks of life gather here.

Above, a mural in 'Curlies', one of the clubs located right on the beach
that plays host to gatherings here in Anjuna, Goa.
modern electronic dance culture, Shiva, Ganesha
& various other symbols in a rapturous presentation
which provokes an otherworldly sense about this place.

A video of the Upright Elephant Eared Taro plant,
`ape (pronounced ah-pay)
aka : Alocasia macrorrhizos,
which depicts the unfurling of these beautifully large leaves.
Extending upwards and expanding out to a width of
2 feet and a length of 4 feet
& sometimes larger.
This plant has been used as a food source for thousands of years,
the underground stem & root need to be cooked thoroughly
before consumption,
so as to break down the Calcium Oxalate crystals
which are liable to irritate human digestive tissue.
 the bitter sap has been used topically to relieve irritated skin conditions &
the leaves have been used to wrap a feverish patient to
'frighten away the negative spirits causing'
the symptoms.

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