Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Dragonfly Totem

  Alas my adventures have begun to move into a new format!

 It is time to transcend the archives of journal entries, picture albums & the field of years of accumulated memories.. I have seen how useful blogs can be for so long, though I have not taken the time to dedicate myself to one - until now! I am super excited~ To share, explore, potentially inspire... & offer a unique way of looking out into this miraculous place. In traversing this majestic planet that is collectively referenced as Earth, pancha mama, gaia or any other of the plethora of names used to describe this third celestial body we ride upon, around our nearest star - The Sun!

  I would like to honor the creature totem of the Dragonfly as it has graced me in so many moments & in so many ways. It reminds me about how volatile life is, with being so sensitive to the slightest of breezes & how important it is to learn how to move with the proverbial wind, rather than struggle against it. This totem is associated with the water element & the subconscious or the 'dreaming state', which is generally when it comes to visit me most - when I am daydreaming! It purveys the message to 'pay attention' to the deeper thoughts & subtle currents within which can be so easily overlooked.

   In almost every part of the world the dragonfly is associated with change & the maturation of the self, a learning process to see beyond into the deeper meanings of life. The ability for it to hover in one place & to move in any of the six directions at will exudes a sense of prowess, power & poise. I welcome into my life this totem spirit & all of the lessons it has to teach & challenge me with as I continue this journey upon the winds of inspiration~~~
 ps. The dragonfly above, I met at Harbin Hotsprings this past summer.. one morning after yoga while I was enjoying some Kombucha. What an incredibly marvelous place that it is, go there if you are around San Francisco (aka-the bay area) & have a day(or week!) to relax & revitalize!

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